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What to do when you are all alone in your boring room, every... single... day? Dream! Even better, dream about music! In this game you play as a bored old man who escapes his lifeless room by solving puzzles in his dreams. Open your mind, eyes and most importantly, your ears to find the solution to these music memory puzzles. This game was made for Mini Jam 18, with the theme "Dreams" and the limitation "Use only 3 colors".

The basic mechanics

  • If you interact with the music blocks, you will hear the melody it requires to be opened.
  • Every button you step on will play a unique melody. Match the right buttons with the corresponding music blocks to open them.


  • Sound design - Alessandro Famà
  • Code, art & level design - Jens Steenmetz
  • Font - Enter Command by jeti on Dafont.com

Updated 18 days ago
Published 20 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorJens Steenmetz
Tags2D, Dreams, Music, Pixel Art


Today I choose joy Linux.zip 49 MB
Today I choose joy Mac OS X.zip 37 MB
Today I choose joy Windows.zip 33 MB

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Wow. This game is beautiful in so many ways. Such a great soundtrack. Phenomenal.